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Chapter 5. - UNIIKKI 'Tikis' MUSIC VIDEO

Many of you may not know this and some of us may not actually remember it anymore, but the 1st. public appearance of our brand RÄÄKKI Clothing was on UNIIKKI's new music video shoot - for the new upcoming song called 'TIKIS'.

So start this chapter by checking the music video here!

I may remember this one wrong - of how and in what order it actually happened - but I recall that the idea was originally to borrow our Raging Gym barbells, dumbbells, incline bench etc. gym gear to the film crew who were producing the new rap video for Uniikki.

This contact, the question to help and the opportunity came to us through a friend who was training his own personal training clients at our Raging Gym. And some of them being members of the well known Finnish rap organization called RÄHINÄ Records.

(This friend of ours wanted to use our basement gym with his clients for an obvious reasons - they had their privacy. So this was also a reason for us not to tell about it to all of our friends.)

Raging Gym Crew, being fans of RÄHINÄ Records ever since they had begun their own story in Finnish hip hop history, this was one hell of an honor and an opportunity to "help" one of their recording artist to produce his new video. So without a need to think of it twice, we said yes!

And I actually remember us agreeing to loan the needed gym gear to the film crew for a day or two for a price of a JBL Beachbox speaker. And to be honest for the sake of this story, we thought we would be getting that most well known model from JBL (the JBL Charge 4) as a compensation of lending a hand to this production, or at least I remember telling them on a phone these 'terms' of ours (if you broke them etc..) and what would we want from them in return - telling them that "we would like to have that one Beachbox speaker from JBL".. but instead, at the end, I think we got the most cheapest one.

But honestly, it didn't matter to us since we were ON the video - and even Uniikki himself was wearing our new brand logos. So no hard feelings on our side.

 Ps. We still have that Beachbox, and it has served us well!


RÄÄKKI CEO Riku trying to be athletic while mr. UNIIKKI spits fire about being fit [fin: tikis]


 As we spoke to Uniikki about the gear we have to offer him to wear on his video, I remember him replying to us, "fresh looking gear guys. I gotta ask an OK from the production, but sure! Can you get me the shirts?"

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